Workshop procedure / “Wohnländer” Eco-Housing Development in Berlin-Pankow / Selected project

On a 23.000 sqm large site in the Berlin district Pankow-Französisch Buchholz, a climate conscious neighborhood will be developed. A healthy living environment has been designed for residents with a focus on sustainable resources with a positive carbon footprint, and natural materials such as timber and clay. The constructions of all 90 houses are reversible and recyclable, with composite materials and construction methods that are easily deconstructable for later use.

The buildings are grouped together to form small courtyards, creating pockets of car-free public spaces for residents. Private cars, sharing vehicles and bicycles park along a newly constructed road. Every house has street/courtyard access and garden access, resulting in a second, green-filled, car-free path system for pedestrians and cyclists.  Further, the houses are oriented around a fruit orchard with a self-built community house. It offers a public space that can be experienced as recreation area, village square and public garden where community-oriented facilities are developed to shape a livable and dynamic society with rural qualities within urban density.

Posted on: 7. January 2019